Weekly Green in Namba

Fully Furnished Hotel Style Apartment with excellent access to Namba, Shinsaibashi, Umeda, Osaka and anywhere in central Osaka

Plan, Reserve

Reasonable room rates and conveniently arranged plans for our guests depending on their length of stay. Please select the most suitable plans for your needs.

Plan/Room rates

Wide selection of room types, from single room up to five people's room

Room Type (㎡)

2 nights, 3 days

or more

We speak English

6 nights
( Includes utility fee )
Short term Plan
Utilities are not included
in the room rate
Month term Plan
Utilities are not included
in the room rate
  ¥39,000 ¥36,400/week


(One person¥27,000)
--One person ¥3,500--
Please inquire
Twin with bunk bed・22m2)


(One person¥27,000)
--One person ¥3,300--
Please inquire
Twin with Sofa・22m2)


(One person¥30,000)
--One person ¥3,600--
Please inquire


(One person¥34,800)
--One person ¥4,300--
Please inquire
4 people(35m2)


(One person¥28,800)
--One person ¥3,850--
Please inquire
5 people(45m2)


(One person¥28,800)
--One person ¥3,500--
Please inquire

Deposit (Cash only)

Room Type

Length of stay
Single Twin Twin
bunk bed
Triple 4 people 5 people
Deposit "deposit (cash only) for more than 7 night stay"
10,000 yen to 25,000 yen (depending on your room type and staying days)
The deposit will be refunded after deducting your actual utility fee.

Make reservation through mail.

This is a tentative reservation and will be needed to be confirmed by us before making definitive plans.
We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours either by mail or telephone.

Transmission contents   ・  
Full Name Surname  First name 
Company name
Phone number
e-mail address
Retype e-mail
Room type single room
twin room    twin with sofa    twin with bunk bed
triple room    quad room    famiry room
Number of guests adults    children (under 4)   children (over 4)
check in date year   month  day
aprox check in time
Check out date month   day
Questions・other message